Thank you for consistently serving as the “go to” person whenever we have had a need for readily available, concise and accurate historical information. You have never let us down and, in fact, you have astonished us time and time again with documentation we didn’t even know existed. Your passion for family history and the value of committing family stories to writing has proven invaluable to us. You have been a great reference for information about the Crawford side of my family. Best wishes to you and Much to Tell Personal History Services. -Your cousin, Janice Elaine Woods

In conversations with Dorothy I was able to remember a lot of things that I had not thought of in years. My wife Shirley and I enjoyed our chats with her. Amos Haggerty: A Gentleman from Marshall, Texas she helped us with will make our children and grandchildren very happy. -Amos Haggerty

It was very relaxing to sit and talk with Dorothy about my life, and then have her take my words and make the delightful little biography, I Love the Mountains. I chose what to talk about and the pictures. Dorothy listened and asked questions. This little book is precious. -Angela Hanson

Dorothy, you were a very kind and patient listener. You are not judgmental. I loved talking to you. Some memories were sad. But they were of things that were a part of my life and I wanted to share the happy and sad with my family. Thanks for helping me put it all together in Patience: Life Stories of Melchora “Millie” DeLosSantos. -Melchora DeLosSantos.

I would like to thank all of those who helped me put this book [A Pearl of the Texas Black Land Gentry] together. To Mother for the many hours of storytelling; to Dorothy Weir, the best collaborator that I could have ever had, for her untiring dedication, love and support in seeing this project through to completion. -Dolores Lillie Connor

Dorothy, what you are doing is most significant. In the progression of African Americans few of us have valued our history enough to document and preserve our individual stories to share with others. Because of this, much of our perspective is lost, distorted or never reaches the intended audience. I am aware of your writing skills from work you have done for our Sunday school group. You possess the skills and the personal interest to help more of us to see the importance of our life stories, and to guide us in recording our history. -F. Eugene Mayo

The taped interview of my father was very inspiring. My father was a very good father and on the tape he praised his children, which made me feel very proud. I have played the tape many times. After my husband passed away and I had relocated I was alone at my new residence. Listening to the tape helped me cope with my surroundings. -Jacqueline W. Dorsey

Hi Dorothy. This is Charman Morgan. Thank you for the informative class you taught regarding family history! Family history is lost when we don’t seek it. Your class was interesting and easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your expertise in the matter. All that I learned is priceless! When time permits, I hope to attend future classes. -Charman Morgan